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Read! Read! Read!

Thank you for participating in the fourth annual BOOK IT Bobcats, Bill Roberts’ fabulous
summer reading program. BOOK IT’s primary goal is to get ALL of our kids reading this
summer! Along your reading journey, we hope to raise money for our school. It’s easy to
participate. In between trips to the pool or playing in the park, you keep track of the time
they spend reading. If you wish, you can also get sponsors to donate money. You don’t
have to fundraise to participate in BOOK IT!

We are striving for 100% participation this summer! If you track your summer reading,
whether one hour or 100 hours, you will enjoy a big celebration in the fall, where
everyone who signs up receives prizes! So enjoy your summer of reading and help
your school reach the next level of excellence through BOOK IT Bobcats!

Our Goals

GOAL #1 – To have 100% participation in reading this summer. Students strive to read
100 hours — that’s just 1 hour a day. Pick up a book and read, become
enchanted, grow your brain!

GOAL #2 – Ask at least 10 people for sponsorship. Our goal is to raise $20,000
for our school!

Key Dates

May 28:
Fill in registration form online

May 29 – Sept 5:
READ and record your reading time on the other side

September 10:
Complete online reporting form and turn in/submit pledges

September 17:
BOOK IT Celebration!

Join the Super Readers

This summer, if you dedicate yourself to reading 100+ hours then you will be invited
to a “Super Reader” celebration!

How it Works


• Fill in the participation form online by May 29, 2021. If you need to register
late, simply email to get signed up.
• Ask at least 10 people (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors)
to make a donation.


• Parents or siblings reading to you counts! The more you read, the more prizes and
raffle tickets you earn.
• You could be a winner! HOW TO WIN:100 hours of summer reading may feel like an
overwhelming goal, but it’s really not! Here are some ideas:

Read while parents are making breakfast or dinner.
Take a book to the pool or camp, adult swim is 15 minutes long.
Read to your family … and earn brownie points with mom and dad!
Still learning? Look at pictures and tell your family the story!
Keep a book in the car for when you’re stuck in traffic.
Look for ideas in the Summer Book It Bobcat newsletters!


• Tally your summer reading hours!

• Follow up with your sponsors to request their pledges. They can donate online at or give you cash or check (made out to Bill
Roberts PTA). All pledges are due by Friday, September 10.
• Celebrate your success at our BOOK IT Celebration: September 17, 2021
All prizes awarded, VIP honors, popsicle party, and lots of fun!

Watch your email for the monthly BOOK IT Bobcats Newsletter!
The newsletter will have ideas, challenges and information on the group read-in!


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